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Riverside One: Kickstarter Campaign

Riverside is pleased to partner with Lost in Ohio to bring their cherished 1992 Sire debut – One to limited edition ‘Waterfall Blue’ and ‘Galaxie Yellow’ vinyl for the first time!

With recent sold-out shows with The Ocean Blue, and growing fan excitement, it’s the right time to bring this album back to the world in the format it deserves. Rising vinyl production costs and the intricacies of licensing from Warner Bros. make this a unique undertaking, so we’re asking for your help to make this happen!

Kickstarter rewards include:
– Limited-edition vinyl in two color variants
– Exclusive t-shirt and poster designs
– Rare CDs from the band’s earlier days

Lost in Ohio is known for high quality vinyl projects. We promise to do the same here as well, delivering the highest possible quality sound and artwork. And we’ll keep you up to date as the project progresses!

Track Listing

Side One

  • waterfall
  • general nature
  • cinnamon eyes
  • galaxie
  • careful light

~ Produced by Steve Lau
~ Mixed by Jay Healy

Side Two

  • a slow fall
  • mansfield park
  • always
  • follow me
  • james

Taste (2002)

Track Listing: 1. Again; 2. Handfuls Of You; 3. Only Because; 4. Marvel; 5. Low Down; 6. Taste; 7. Genuine; 8. Just A Daze; 9. Caress; 10. Satisfied; 11. Sarah’s Lane; 12. Indiana

– CD $15 for domestic orders, includes shipping: PayPal Click Here >
– CD $30 for international orders, includes shipping: PayPal Click Here >

Higher (2018)​

Track Listing: 1. Jump My Ship, 2. Life Woke Up; 3. Higher; 4. Kill This Day; 5. Surprise; 6. As Good As It Gets; 7. Greatest Goodbye; 8. Birthday; 9. Shoot Me Down

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